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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the professionals in the field of Pest Control Company of Karachi. If you are looking for a pest control company in Karachi, you have come to the right place. Our reliable pest control services and professional Staff are technical and trained. Our expert technicians venture to get to the core of the problem and exterminate it once and for all. Progress has to be monitored. So needless to say, once you appoint us to take care of the problem, we will make sure we see the end of it.

Karachi Fumigation

Our services target all kinds of pests. MTS Pest Control has been serving residential and commercial customers since Last few Years, as well as in Karachi and All over the Pakistan. Such as Termite Proofing Treatment, General Fumigation, Rodent / Rats Treatment, Wood Borer Treatment, Mosquitoes Treatment, Cockroach Treatment, Lawn & Garden Spray, Bedbugs Treatment and Water Tank Cleaning and other common pests control Services. You might have noticed that when you try to remove their colonies on your own, they appearance again in a few days. Such is the case especially with termites. Fumigation services in karachi fumigation in karachi termite proofing Cockroach


Home Fumigation

We are the fast-growing pest control service providers in Karachi and working for the beneficial impacts of the removal pests in an effective way.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are basically another headache pest that can spoil your relief and bite you in place of your comfort which is your bed.

Pest Control

We are ready to treat any pest emergency and can take away your infestation, quickly and while not drama. Most residential pest issues.


Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the most dangerous and health restricted pests found today. These pests are most common.


Termites are another dangerous and harmful pest that is threatening to the whole world due to its vast biting effects and pain that it can.

Lawn and Garden Spray

We are ready to treat any pest emergency and can take away your infestation, quickly and while not drama. Most residential pest issues need just one visit by our Pest Control Technicians.


Rodents association with human has been so close and lasting that some species depends upon man for food and shelters. Rats can virtually gnaw at anything and no reserves are safe from their.

Water Tank Cleaning

As we all know that water is essential for every living creature and due to this fact, we need water for our daily routine to survive. We not only need water but purify water. If water is not pure then it will not provide.

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